What’s a “NEMHoFest”

It’s all about community!

The New England Metaphysical and Holistic Festival is an annual showcase of holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical health practitioners and merchants brought together to support a sense of community and bring people together. Our mission is to promote acceptance and education through unity and collaboration by supporting people on their chosen paths and  exposing interested people to both old and new concepts in spiritual awareness that may resonate with them. We are accepting of all people whose message comes from a place of love and respect and embrace all ideologies that promote unity and peace. We provide workshops and seminars to our patrons to enhance their current understanding of their place in the universe and encourage their physical and spiritual growth.


Who is NEMHoFest?

Hosted By The Enchanted Bazaar, LLC

The Enchanted Bazaar, LLC believes in promoting and supporting the spiritual, metaphysical, pagan, and holistic healing community in New England and world wide. We do this through organizing events, such as The New England Metaphysical and Holistic Festival, to bring knowledge and a feeling of community to seekers, newcomers, and people deeply ingrained in the earthen arts, without malice or judgement, so long as they come with an open heart and an open mind.

In 2016, with nothing more than an idea, hosting the largest metaphysical and holistic festival in New England, we brought together our first focus group. We passed around notebooks and each person in the circle wrote down whatever came to mind in an effort to name our new organization. One of our founding members, having drawn a complete blank, wrote “Panda”. A few minutes later, the notebooks having changed hands a time or two, looked at the page and asked “Panda!? Who the hell wrote Panda?” After a few chuckles and more passing of the paper, The Enchanted Bazaar was born, as was Cosmo Panda.