Brian Willowfire

Musician, Songwriter

  Brian Willowfire draws from a diverse collection of roots. His music paints ethereal images onto an atmospheric canvas. Brian lives to connect with his live audiences on a energetic level. With driving guitar rhythms and soulful melodies his most cherished complement was that he had “the voice of an angel.”

His unique and sometimes abstract lyrical style provides nourishment for the imagination. Brian has been transformed over the past decade by chronic illness. He takes great pride in his resolve seeking nature’s holistic wisdom. He hopes that music will reflect the new person he has become through these experiences. He is on the path of the healer striving to keep his music a well integrated part of that vision

Brian Willowfire

“Every experience I’ve had in the studio has been so very special to me. It is complete bliss, especially when it’s time to start laying harmonies. I really look forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with you.”

          – Brian Willowfire