Owl Eyes Sharon Wells

Musician, Songwriter

  From the gently flowing Water to the student-inspired and partially written Chasm’ tracing a journey of self-discovery to the angry Rip It, Owl Eyes Sharon Wells is the unlikely pairing of an emotional water sign with a devotional practice dedicated to being a Raven Warrior of the Morrigan.

Performing one final time was a bucket list item checked off after a 30 year performing hiatus for 2014’s Eastern MA Pagan Pride Day singing other people’s music. After being asked if she had a CD and being told she would be stupid for not pursuing it further “Owl Eyes” and “Core” were born.

Much of her music tends to have a harder edge as her playlist of choice is mostly metal and hints deeply of harnessing inner strength and free will to make and take responsibility for your own choices. Of course there are songs that are just for fun too…..

After recording a short 3-song demo CD production of a full CD is in the works. Sharon performs accompanied by Kurt Shoemaker on guitar and Derek O’Sullivan  on percussion. Her journey is constantly growing and changing but her music speaks volumes.

Owl Eyes Sharon Wells

“Sharon is a natural, her singing is passionate, ethereal and otherworldly. She takes you away from the mundane,carrying you in between the worlds,and reminds you that you are indeed pure Magick.”