Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Author, Teacher, Sacred Dancer

The Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS is a known Author, Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Sacred Dancer, and a 3rd Degree High Priestess in both the Gardnerian and Cabot Hermetic Temple traditions. She is also a Priestess of Selket, Lilith and Hecate in the Fellowship of the Goddess Isis and an ordained clergy in the Temple of Nine Wells, ATC.  She is the High Priestess of Sacred Moon Coven and the Iseum of the Graceful Goddess and a member of the Crossroads Lyceum and the Circle of Artemis. Lady is a licensed clergy counselor, member of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association and the Sacred Dance Guild.

She is the author of three books. Her newest book “The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve” is published by John Hunt Publishing, LLC in the UK under their Pagan Portal/Moon Books imprint and will have world-wide distribution. “The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve” is a gateway to a provocative awakening. Lady is also the author of “If Mermaids Could Dance” a compilation of 19 original faerie tales and “A Witch’s Diary”, (both books under the pseudonym of Lady Lilith).

Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Lady has had numerous articles published on Sacred Dance, The Goddess, Witchcraft and Ancient Mythologies for magazines and periodicals including: Circle Network Magazine, Arcanum Magazine, Isis Seshat Journal, The Mirror of the Goddess Isis, The Isian News, the Cabot Hermetic Temple Newsletter and Witchvox to name a few.

She is an Adjunct Faculty Member of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, ATC teaching “Introduction to Egyptian Mythology” and has taught Wicca 101, and Modern Wicca classes and as a professional Psychic/Medium she has taught “Psychic Mediumship” workshops. As an adjunct teacher at York Community College in Maine she recently taught a class “Learning about Wicca”.

Lady is a professionally trained ballerina and Isadora Duncan dancer and modern dance teacher and currently choreographer and dancer with the Temple of Nine Wells Dancers.  As founder, choreographer and principal dancer for “The Undines Dance Company” she and her company performed throughout the Northeast where she also taught “Sacred Dance” and “Dancing with the Goddess” workshops. In addition to performing traditional dance, Lady choreographs sacred temple dance for the great Sabbats and Full Moon Rituals.