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“The speakers were all amazing! I got so much out of every workshop I went to. This was more than I ever expected.”



All Paths Welcome

NEMHFest boasts one of the most diverse collections of presenters and speakers to be found in one festival. With dozens of classes taught by local and world renowned practitioners, you’re sure to find topics that support your path and information that’s meaningful to you!


Workshops & Classes


Activate Your Intuition

In this workshop Anne will open your third eye with a third eye activation and working with Anne’s Spiritual Enlightenment Oracle Cards

A Toolkit for Creating Divine Magic and Miracles in Your Life, participants will receive spot Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing with Light  Vortex Healing, Anne’s Signature Healing Modality.

Anne Deidre

Best Selling  Author, Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach



BioMorphic Geometry: The New Science of Healing

BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) is ground-breaking 5th-dimensional science, applying geometry, mathematical formulas and algorithms that create energy. Frequencies created by BMG help correct and release imbalances in your DNA, brain, body and energy fields. The many BMG designs created by Aaron and Sue Singleton relieve neck, head and back pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, release electro-magnetic frequencies, toxins, improve vision, lung capacity, and much more.

Learn how the Singletons developed this unique technology as they demonstrate the healing capabilities of this fantastic new science on the attendees.

Aaron Singleton

Aaron Singleton

The Way To Balance, LLC Center for Advanced Healing & Training



Cannabis and Conditions

Uses and doses for a variety of conditions. How it helps, how to use it, potential side effects and interactions. Where to purchase and how to grow it yourself.

Catherine Lewis

Board President

MMCM Trade Association



Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement

We gather in circle.  Pause.  Take a breath together.  Step back with open arms to honor the space in which we move.  The chime rings and we begin. Each finding our place in the room.  Eyes closed, waiting to move or be moved.

The practice of Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement is a kind of moving meditation; an exploration of self, body, and space done in the presence of a witness.  It is used by some as a spiritual practice, creating a connection between spirit and body; the material and the divine.   For others it is a creative fountain that re-inspires, unearths new creative material, and removes creative blocks.  And for many it is also a healing tool that helps bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious, to explore the shadow, and reintegrate lost parts of ourselves.

Come explore this meditative movement practice.

Joie Grandbois

Joie Grandbois

Movement Artist, Storyteller, Teacher



Chakra Class

Do you want to understand the deeper secrets of who you are? Do you want a greater degree of control over your life and the ability to heal blocks and wounds that you may not yet even be aware of?
That’s what this class is about!
You see, we are a lot more than just a physical body. We all have an energy body as well that many of us take for granted. The energy body determines how you feel, how people respond to you and literally creates your reality. Come join me in an introduction course on the Chakra’s with a guided meditation. I will go through your first chakra and help you connect and shift it. This is a great workshop to help anyone new or seasoned to clear and help manifest what your body needs.

Tricia Blanchard  

 Tricia Blanchard  

Heartlink Gems and Natural Stones



Crystal Bowls

Introducing the art and vibrations of crystal singing bowls.

Mandy McLoughlin

 Mandy McLoughlin

Awakened Goddess Reiki



Dancing with Dragons: Working with Dragon spirits

There is no more iconic creature in fantasy than the dragon.  Dragon images and spiritual forms can be found across the globe each with unique perspectives to these spirits.  After discussing a few different types of dragons like Eastern and Western Dragons and potential Native American Dragons and the way they were seen in those cultures.  Through a guided meditation participants will be directed into the Dragon realm where they will if welcomed by the dragons meet a Dragon spirit guide and travel through the realm with them

Charity Bedell

Mystic Echoes



Discovering the Myth of Lilith and Eve

Discovering the Myth of Lilith and Eve with Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS, Witch, Sacred Dancer, Psychic/Medium and Author of “The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve”. It was said in the beginning, in a garden called Eden, that woman was created at the same time as man, and not from his rib. Hear the creation tale of the first partner Lilith and the first wife Eve. Embrace these Goddesses in a guided meditation and participate in an invocation in their honor.

Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Author, Teacher, Sacred Dancer



Emotional Clearing & Cleansing your Energy Field

* Do you find yourself at the mercy of your emotions? * Is shifting out of an uncomfortable emotional state difficult? * Do you get pulled into the emotional vortex of those around you? * Do you find yourself repeatedly responding in the same negative way to some situations regardless of your best intentions to do otherwise? * Do your uncomfortable emotions seem to be out of your control? Join Cheryl for a session of emotional release. Cheryl will then share how you can use your bodies natural systems with essential oils to allow emotional baggage to be released from your cellular memory. She will share the steps to emotional clearing and cleansing and maintaining your energy field. You will leave with clear steps you can continue to take at home to continue the clearing.

Cheryl Horton

Life in the Raw



Energetic and Nutritional Insights of the Mind Body and Spirit

Join the Health Medium Ray Veilleux as he discusses your body from an energetic point of view. Learn how your energy body can be seen by an intuitive what they see and why they may find things that your doctor can’t.

The Health medium

Ray Veilleux

Health Medium



Essential Oils, Reiki, and Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a great way to reduce stress and help you move towards a state of Wellness. Participate in a Progressive Relaxation session and learn how to use the first steps of hypnosis to Get a Great Night’s sleep at home. Curious about energy work and healing? Reiki is a great modality to harness positive energy and promote wellness for yourself and others! Learn the basics of how doTERRA Essential Oils can anchor these healing modalities. Through sharing of experiences and knowledge, we aim to foster a supportive community and facilitate individuals to reach their personal wellness goals.

Vilene Farina

Certified NGH Hypnotist and Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher



Expand your Awareness to “Communication with All of Nature”

We will demonstrate and discuss our energy communication skills with all. This will help you in human-human, human-Nature and human-Spirit communication mechanics.

Graham Connolly

 Graham Connolly

Tarrassa Holistics



Fortifying your Personal Energy

Do you feel other people’s aches, pains and bad moods? Do you feel exhausted after being around large groups? Well, as they say in Star Trek, “Shields UP!”  Fortifying your Personal Energy is an experiential class that explores grounding, centering, aura play, and guided meditations to create a crystal fortress. This class is ideal for the slightly sensitive to the psychically gifted, with helpful information for all.

Mary Daisley is a Certified Psychic with nationally known Best American Psychics. She has over 25 year’s professional experience


Mary Daisley

Mary Daisley

Clairvoyant Psychic, The Psychic Navigator



Gallery Reading

 Free Gallery Reading With Psychic Medium/ Spiritual Teacher Susan St. Jean and The Council of Engma.


Susan St. Jean

Psychic Medium/ Spiritual Teacher



Herbal Medicine

Join Dr. Nate Petley, naturopathic doctor and clinical herbalist, as he discusses the energetic properties of the plants we use as food and medicine. He will share how to maximize the benefits of herbal medicine by incorporating mind, body, and spirit.

Dr.Nate Petley

Dr.Nate Petley MS,ND

Maine Center for Natural Health



How do we Commit to a Creative Self-Care Practice?

Come to an inquiry to access some wisdom from the wild inner Muse and the inner critic. They both have some guidance to share. Be prepared to begin a method to quiet all the chaos. You deserve to unwind and renew your life with blessings. Curious? Come join Cindy for this power pause and grounding practice. 

Cindy Taylor Clark

Cindy Taylor Clark

 Threads of Light 



 How to Train Your Dragon!

Who would you be or what would you do if you believed there were no limitations? This seminar is an invitation to learning how to turn our fears into our Allies.  Through story and practice, this seminar offers some suggestions on how to move from a fear stance into a Loving stance so that we step into our true Potential and help heal the world that we live in. When we are able to witness our emotional reactions and understand how they work, the easier it is to change how we interact with Life. Join us! Get inspired, laugh – yes laugh, and reclaim your Fire!

Diana Harris

Sacred Spiral Dance



Hypnosis – Connecting Heart and Mind

You will create a goal. I will bring you under and help you instill it into your subconscious mind. We will make sure it is not only achievable but something you will truly do (from your heart).
Once we’ve secured your goal, surrounded by positive affirmations of success, we will continue the journey, going deeper into hypnotic relaxation and travel out in time to see it unfold.

Peg Losee

Peg Losee

Thru Wings and Hands



Life and Times of an Animal Communicator

I will share stories from my practice & talk about the art of listening. I believe we are all animal communicators & love to share information to help empower both human & animal companions. This is my hearts joy ?

Kathryn Drage

Kathryn Drage

Animal Communicator



Medical Intuitive Group Healing Experiential

Aaron and Sue Singleton have the unique ability to adjust the spines and cranial bones of hundreds of people simultaneously, both in-person and remotely, as well as remove head injuries and concussions, detoxify the organs, calm the nerves, release trauma and pain, migraines, sinus issues, repair emotional hard-wiring in the brain, again for hundreds of people simultaneously. Explore the full potential of energy healing, and have fun in the process!

This Introductory Group Healing may provide helpful insights for healing your unique situation. Join the Singletons for an opportunity to ascertain and resolve the ROOT CAUSE(S) of imbalances in your musculo-skeletal system triggering headaches/migraines, back, neck, spinal and joint pain. Clear unhelpful emotional patterns that produce frustration, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and much more. The Singletons will select some audience volunteers on whom they will provide medical intuitive insights. Experience the ease, joy and fun of healing… Everyone receives the group healing.

Sue & Aaron Singleton

Sue & Aaron Singleton

The Way To Balance, LLC Center for Advanced Healing & Training



Mediumship 101

 In this workshop, Jennifer will answer questions about Mediumship and she will offer gallery readings as well. Come join her for this hour long workshop.

Jennifer Laflin  

 Jennifer Laflin  

Psychic Medium



Multi-dimensional Quantum Healing for the Ascension

As our planet and our energy evolves to accommodate higher frequencies and vibrations, our energy system has to shift to maintain balance. Learn how this is happening right now and ways that healing can smooth the transition. The workshop will be followed by a healing meditation designed to shift your energy field.

Polly Jo Labbe 

Polly Jo Labbe 

Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing



Nurtuting the Spirit of a Child

As awakened adults, we have an opportunity to teach our children how to nurture their spirit, that wonderful essence that makes each child a unique, beautiful individual. When children are encouraged to trust their intuition, honor their truth, and speak from the heart rather than learning to use a set of rules to navigate the ups and downs of life, they can develop their inner compass and trust themselves to make choices in high school and beyond that will sustain them. Join us in this workshop to learn tools and techniques you can share with the children in your life.


Eva Goulette

 Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, LLC



 Sacred Healing for Women

The human experience is often traumatizing and women experience many traumas that are related to simply being female. Women also carry the wounds of their own mother line as well as the collective women’s trauma experience. Women embody these personal traumas in their energy field in their cells and in their subconscious mind. Collective beliefs about what it means to be female have been passed from mothers to daughters for centuries and those beliefs are deeply encoded within all women creating personal negative feedback loops and family patterns. All of this has led to the current epidemic of chronic anxiety illness pain and depression that is rampant among women today. This workshop explores how to change this deeply held trauma encoding which opens the way to healing.

Katt Tozier

 Mystic Katt 



Shedding the Layers of Ego

In this shift in consciousness we are being asked to work on our “shadow sides” shedding the layers of the protective Ego that little voice of fears doubts and negative thoughts that runs the story of much of our lives. In order to fully embrace our unique soul gifts and help heal our world we must move past these blocks that are holding us back from sharing our light and fulfilling our soul purposes in life! With a guided visualization a writing exercise and optional sharing in pairs you will learn in this workshop a few ways to start energetically and consciously separating from the negative Ego voice to create space for your true inner self to fully emerge.

Rachel Horton White

Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting



Singing For Self-Empowerment

This chanting immersion is for anyone seeking to bring the bliss of sacred song into their daily life or to deepen their meditation practice.  We will explore traditional Goddess chants and powerful Sanskrit mantras.  Learn techniques for stress release and receive guidance on how to write your very own affirmation chant.  Your voice is a powerful healing tool!

You will learn how to use sacred song to:

_ Clarify your intentions

_ Tap into the divine power within you

_ Release tensions in your body

_ Release stress and pains of the past

_ Shift your perception, opening to new and positive experiences

_ Break through mental blocks to reach your goals

_ Attract peace, love and abundance into your life

Musician and holistic healer Jenna Greene has developed these techniques for vocal release and chant-writing, based on her love for ancient healing practices, Mother Earth, mythology, and positive psychology.  Sacred chant attunes us to the rhythms of nature and the wisdom of our ancestors.  Be transformed by the power of your own voice!

This is a fun and interactive workshop. Singing experience is not required.


Jenna Greene

Singer, Song Writer, Harpist, and Healer



Surviving Ragnarök: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom about Thriving in These Times

There are so many challenges facing us today, we can feel overwhelmed. The upheaval across nations, how communities relate to each other and the profound changes in our planet feel unprecedented and insurmountable. The truth is, our deep ancestors faced challenges much like what we experiencing now at the end of the last Ice Age. The shifts in their lives were so profound that they left us instructions about what worked and also what they learned in meeting their challenges. This vital information was so important that they preserved it orally for thousands of years and later wove it into their stories and myths.

These stories are like messages in bottles thrown by the ancestors into the sea of time. In them, they share their wisdom and fallibilities with us so we’d have what we needed to meet the challenges of our own time.

In the European North, the threads of our earliest connections to shamanism were preserved in the stories of the giants, and exploits of the deities of the Norse pantheon. These stories preserved more ancient truths that the ancestors learned and wanted to pass forward—precisely for these times! 

Evelyn will reveal these precious parcels of wisdom and support us to make contact with an ancestor who can guide us now and as the future unfolds!

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

  Author, Shamanic Teacher



The Craft of the Wise

Discover the beginnings of Witchcraft, an earth-based tradition, up to the modern era with Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS, Witch, Sacred Dancer, Psychic/Medium and Author. Learn the relevance of the Wheel of the Year and the celebration of the 8 Sabbats. As Witches it is important to keep the ancient traditions alive while always following the three-fold law: “Ever mind the Rule of Three, that whatsoever you do, be it for good or harm, shall come back to you threefold”.

Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Reverend Lady Haight-Ashton, HPS

Author, Teacher, Sacred Dancer



The 9th Chakra & DNA Testing

In this workshop we will be discussing the 9th Charka Activation Technique. How this ancient technique was lost for thousands of years and originally practiced by the Buddhist Monks 2500 years ago. I will also be talking about an exciting old/new technology. We will be exploring how bio resonance is making it’s way across the medical world and helping people heal using Energy Frequencies. It’s a workshop you won’t want to miss.

Rosalene Bussiere  

 Rosalene Bussiere  

Many Words Herbs Apothecary




The Serpent Path

Within our bodies lie 7 major energy centers, the chakras. In many traditions, our body’s vital energy is seen as moving along these centers. Kundalini, which rests in the root chakra, is often represented by a cobra, unwinding and rising up, connecting, cleansing, and opening our pathways as it comes into its full power. The labyrinth can be utilized to connect more consciously and open our chakra pathways. Learn how to use a seven circuit labyrinth to energize and balance the chakras.

Tracy Andryc

 Tracy Andryc  

One Path labrynth Ventures



Working with Animal Oracles

Mankind has always had a connection to the natural world. Sharing characteristics and traits with all creatures acknowledging our connection as animal way before Charles Darwin. We can learn so much from our other residents. This talk is designed as interactive in a way to show that deep connection that we still have and share allowing you to see the importance of connection and how we are all linked.

Thomas Lanting  

 Thomas Lanting  

Gemini Aspect